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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 
In addition to traditional chemical engineering education, the department focuses on the development of biotechnology, biochemical engineering, nanotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing technology, specialized chemicals, polymer materials, process systems engineering, electrochemistry, catalyst and reaction engineering expertise in response to the new field of chemical industry and to match the characteristics of future industrial development. 
Department of Civil Engineering (CE) 
The department is devoted to offering professional knowledge and techniques in the planning, investigation, design, testing, construction, management, and maintenance of civil engineering related projects. Both undergraduate and graduate programs of the CE department are IEET accredited. 
Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management (IEEM)
IEEM discovers new applied knowledge, and providing students with the fundamental knowledges, intellectual skills, and practical experience to become leaders in environmental engineering. There are three main schemes of curricula and research, including ‘’Environmental Pollution and Control Technology’’, ‘’Resource Circulation and Environmental Sustainability’’ and ’’Sustainable System Engineering and Management’’. 
Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering (MMRE)
Founded in 1949, MMRE is the only academic program that integrates materials science with resources engineering in Taiwan. The department concentrates on combining the modern materials technology and sustainable resources to fill our students with the knowledge and techniques within the life cycles of materials. 
Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (IMRE) 
IMRE is an integrated research institute encompasses materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, geology, and geotechnical engineering to implement multidisciplinary integrated research projects encountered both in academia and industry. IMRE covers three major research areas in the development of Resources and Geological Engineering, Resources Application and Synthesis of Materials, and the Processing of Resources and Materials.
Department of Molecular Science and Engineering (MSE)
Our mission is to conduct research and cultivate professionals in molecular science and engineering, particularly in the fields of organic, polymeric and textile materials. We endeavor the employment of chemical technologies for the design and development of interdisciplinary molecular materials and value-added textile products. The research areas currently cover optoelectronic materials, biomaterials, sustainable materials, green energy materials, smart textile materials, green processing and related technologies.
International Graduate Program of Energy and Optoelectronic Materials Program (EOMP)
This program aims to cultivate the talents with a solid fundamental knowledge of photoelectric materials, energy storage materials, bioelectric materials battery materials, photoelectric energy conversion and energy storage materials with cross-disciplinary technologies and related applications, and the enrollment is especially designed to target international students.