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Department of Civil Engineering

1. Building Automation

2. Building Information Model (BIM)

3. Disaster Assessment Models

4. Offshore Wind Power Technology

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

1. Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering

2. Chemical Process and Intelligent

3. Functional Materials and Electro-Optical Engineering

4. Green Energy and Environmental Engineering

Department of Molecular Science and Engineering

1. Biochemical Engineering

2. Molecular Simulation

3. Molecular Synthesis

4. Nano Materials Applications

5. Optoelectronics Energy Devices

6. Smart Textile

Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

1. Metallic Materials

2. Electronic Ceramics

3. Nanomaterials

Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering

1. Resources Development and Geological Engineering

2. Resources and Materials Processing

3. Resources Applications and Materials Synthesis

Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management

1. Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies 

2. Resources Circulation and Environmental Sustainability

3. Sustainable Systems Engineering and Management