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Congratulations to Sung YuChi's research team for winning the ASCE T. Y. Lin Award, 2019




Congratulations to Sung YuChi's research team

winning the ASCE T. Y. Lin Award, 2019




The research team of Sung YuChi, Dean of the School of Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology won the ASCE T. Y. Lin Award, 2019 from The American Society of Civil Engineers. This is the first time the award has been won by the Chinese research team since it was founded in 1969 for 50 years! ASCE's academic journals are academic indicators of civil engineering in the world, and it is rare to receive awards.

Sung YuChi's research team began investing in the research of a new bionic building block type bridge pier system in 2013. Through the concept of "human spine" and "building block-stacking", through the shear tenon joint with spine joints, the joints are opened and closed to dissipate seismic forces After two years of theoretical derivation and planning, a series of large-scale bridge pier test experiments began at the National Earthquake Engineering Research Center in 2015. The results show that the new type of pier can resist 1.2 times the surface acceleration of traditional pier and the developed modularization is suitable for chrysanthemum, the product quality is easy to control and the production precision is high, it can be assembled quickly, reducing the impact on the environment during construction, and at the same time has the advantages of rapid production and easy preservation. It can be applied to new construction and for the emergency disaster relief project, this new bridge pier construction method has obtained invention patents from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.








Japanese invention patent certificate


Taiwanese invention patent certificate

Sung YuChi said that this award is an affirmation of the research results of the research team in the development of new bionic building block bridge piers for many years. It is not easy to publish it for several years and it can be affirmed by ASCE.

國土木工程師學會ASCE T. Y. Lin Award, 2019獎牌

The American Society of Civil Engineers,ASCE T. Y. Lin Award, 2019 

Before working at the National Taipei University of Technology, Song Yuqi served in the Directorate General of Highways of Consultant Engineering Division. He was involved in the design of the Provincial Highway2 and Provincial Highway5’s highway bridges, the viaduct of the Civic Boulevard in Taipei, the reconstruction of the Zhengqi Bridge in Keelung Road, Taipei, and the MacArthur No. 1, Gaoping River Cable-stayed bridge and Maoluo River Cable-stayed bridge and other important bridge engineering design work, because of their excellent performance, won the Excellent Young Engineer Award of the Chinese Institute of Engineers at the age of 33.

After serving as a faculty member, he served as the director of the Civil Engineering Department of the National Taipei University of Technology, the head of the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Chairman of the Chinese Society Structural Engineering, the member of the Public Construction Commisson of the Executive Yuan, and the Chairman of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering. For engineering-related issues, he also worked on the compilation of government engineering design codes and developed the "Preliminary and Detailed Evaluation Software for Seismic Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Buildings", which was adopted by the Construction and planning Agency Ministry of the Interior as a dangerous old building and reinforcement and public security inspection of buildings. The official version of the earthquake resistance assessment provides civil engineers, structural technicians, and architects for the operation, and develops a cloud operation platform to integrate these assessment data with the construction agency and local governments for big data analysis and disaster prevention policies. The basis for preparation.

Prof. Sung has a wealth of research and industry-university cooperation. He has successively won the "Outstanding Engineering Professor Award", "Zhan Tianyou Thesis Award", and "Engineering Thesis Award" of the Chinese Society of Engineers. He also won the annual papers of important domestic engineering societies from 2013 to 2018. prize.


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