Think tanks lead cross-border and build 21th biomedical flagship industry


Think tanks lead cross-border

and build 21th biomedical flagship industry



Group photo of biotech cross-sector think tank


Prof. Hsu-Wei Fang of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

At the end of 2019, the cross-border integration forum jointly organized by the biomedical materials surface engineering industry-university alliance team chaired by Fang Xuwei, a specially-appointed professor of the chemical engineering department and the National Taipei University of Technology International Industry-University Union: "I think, therefore I recreate".

The most important thing is to hope to achieve interdisciplinary interaction and exchange. Through the joining of different speakers, the biotechnology medical field will be closer to the public through soft transmission so that more people can understand biotechnology innovation and industry chain integration; I will study together on the weekend to create a new network of contacts. Of course, I also hope to join together to work together for Taiwan’s future biotechnology and medical flagship industry.

The cross-border leaders who have been taught this forum are friends of Professor Fang Xuwei for many years and business partners along the way. Very grateful for their willingness to contribute their strength and eager invitation to give an invited speech; the following are Professor Fang Xuwei and his dream teammates The excerpts of the insightful speeches of each lecturer of the forum on the day of excerpt:

  • Winner of the Golden Bell Award for Broadcasting, Professor Dai Shengfeng, Department of Criminology, National Chung Cheng University
  • Marketing interpreter, Head of Department of Advertising, Professor Niu Zexun, Chinese Cultural University
  • Corporate Navigator, CEO of Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation of National Taipei University of Technology, Professor Li Jiahua
  • Global Brand Pusher, Independent Director of Citibank, Professor Chen Chunshan

Biomedical strategist: "If the case succeeds, we succeed, and it will become a trend when it blossoms everywhere."

When someone said that the future of Taiwan’s biotech and medical industries are promising, it would be because it is integrative and challenging. From the individual operations of an industrial chain, and growing into bigger brands and entering the international market. Professor Fang Xuwei, who has experience in both industry and academia, first disclosed the operating ideas:" Before inspiring any project, set the endpoint carefully, evaluate the industry-university cooperation with the manufacturer meticulously, identify the problem and don’t give up easily, doing so, we can create business opportunities collaboratively."

Broadcast Golden Bell Award winner: "Conscience drugmakers make you happy but not addicted?"

The data tells us: "The number of prisoners in Taiwan is now over populated by 17%-20%", "Taiwan's recidivism rate within five years: 80%, of which the highest is "drug abuse", nearly 90%", "now juvenile delinquency is reduced However, the number of senior prisoners aged 65 and above has grown from 600 in 2016 to 6,600 now." This shows the current state of crime in Taiwan. Having said that, will you support that everyone has the same crime rate? Professor Dai Shenfeng emphasized that we must first think from the perspective of a criminal, and be able to recognize "criminal sociology", "criminal psychology", "natural criminal", "adolescent antisociality" and "career antisociality" The individual differences are how to balance biotechnology with morality as an inspiration for everyone.

Marketing interpreter: "I POST, so I'm here. Popular topics are always hitchhiking marketing, rubbing the heat?"

Professor Niu Zexun pointed out that there are three major elements in this era when words and words are all networked: "a sense of presence", "a sense of participation", and "a sense of accomplishment", combined with big data companies' cooperative marketing monitoring and trading, is the main brand of today Various types of news such as TV stations, chat rooms, blogs, the most favorable point of application of the community; in this era, biotech medical brands should also join the marketing approach? Of course, knowing how to attract social media: importance, influence, proximity, human interest, conflict is always news, and celebrity salience is bound to come!

Enterprise Navigator: " Les Miserables of World Medical-Taiwan"

Boldly predict that the "Medical Devices Management Law" passed on the third reading of 2019/12/13 will make Taiwan's medical material industry take off. In response to the increase in the number of Southeast Asian countries coming to Taiwan for medical treatment, Chief Executive Officer Li Jiahua believes that Taiwan's "medical brand" is promising. Industry experience also predicts future global trends in 2030-including "aging", "energy", and "environment", by which time global medical spending will be overwhelmed-business opportunities for monitoring and prevention will increase. In addition, Taiwan will also develop AI smart healthcare Status: Inadequate high-level structure, insufficient system thinking, and inadequate laws and regulations. I also hope that all units will work together.

Global brand promoter: "Do not work hard, work SMART."

Professor Chen Chunshan, who is an expert at brand management, talks about the key to the success of industrial holding: creating value together. He believes that Taiwan’s MGB global brand strategy can be developed: the big health industry is promising, and this is his depiction and plan for the future vision of the industry: 1.0 inventory of the biomedical industry, 2.0 must have the world’s first preparation, 3.0 capital investment (integration Industry target), 4.0 to explore the international market, scale, international mergers and acquisitions (to form a fleet together). He emphasized the importance of bringing large areas to small ones: large enterprises are leading the commercialization of new technologies and quickly deploying foreign markets; combining good technology with talents.

In addition to the common completion of the commercialization process development, the biotech innovation chain also regularly integrates and communicates with the latest trends and cross-domain professionalism. It is important to strive for breakthroughs in their respective areas of expertise to form a complete package. The diversified development of the industrial ecology is covered; we expect to pass on the growth mindset of "thinking outside the framework" and provide effective network resources while advocating that the manufacturers' partners keep the kinetic energy to actively run on the track.